nell osborne – the canine redeemer has entered the bungalow (2021)

20pp, A5

to get hold of a copy, send us £4 (inc. p&p) & your postal address via paypal. if you’d like one but can’t afford, just drop us a line.

Available from Typewronger Books, Edinburgh & Good Press, Glasgow

online launch, august 24th, ft. readings from frances kruk, joey frances, & nicky melville

Tense, happily abject and populated with a trove of creatures, Nell Osborne’s The Canine Redeemer Has Entered The Bungalow will surely derail you with its startling navigations along the dank and casually monstrous passageways of what passes for life. These poems skip through the bloody tangle of mundane and fantastic daily horrors – where the mould on the curtain is livelier than love – here, with a twisted and delicious campness; there, with a precision that can only come from the deeply felt. Something strikes and is stricken here at the surface of these wonky, agile poems pulsing with throwaway intensity – perhaps a brutal bargain with trying to move when the only direction you can face is the wrong one. – Mira Mattar

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